NiCam 4k Night Vision Bundle

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Night Vision Action Camera Paranormal Video Camera Sony Sensor Kit

With NiCam night vision now being the face of all things ParaVision. We strive to have the best customer experience on the planet. 
We have put our heart and souls into finding top quality chipsets and sensors. 

It is said that the infrared world beyond human visual is the key to the past. These cameras are designed for all light spectrum. For the best visual light spectrum being around 850nm IR. 

These night vision cameras have been used around the world.

Groups across the world have used these for:

Paranormal investigating
Bigfoot research
Cave diving in the darkest caves

Night time adventures are lacking the technology in the visual world of compact cameras. There are some really great night vision camcorders on the market. But as far as compact action cameras that are mounted in a hands free world in total darkness....Well There has been a great need lately and we aimed to fill that gap. There are lots of options for what folks are calling full spectrum cameras. The problem that we are finding is while technology is moving forward these cameras are not going in the same direction. The most famous night vision sensor is the OV4689. Its easy to modify and that seems to be the go to camera to use. 

This kit was put together by request. Our customers are a vital part of our business. They ask and we listen. 
The #1 request was for a full night vision kit out of the box. 
Rig, Camera, IR light, and with every accessory your heart desires.